2011 Acquisitions and Appraisal Section Meeting Agenda

Columbus Room C/D

August 26, 2011

3:30-5:30 p.m.

  1. Call to order and introduction of current leadership: Brad Bauer (5 min.)
  2. Remarks from the 2012 Program Committee: Mark Shelstad (5 min.)
  3. Remarks by Council Liaison Dennis Meissner (5 min.)
  4. Update on OCLC research initiatives: Merrilee Proffitt (5 min.)
  5. Report from the Deaccessioning and Reappraisal Development and Review Team: Laura Uglean Jackson (10 min.)
  6. Report on section sponsored and endorsed sessions at the 2011 meeting: Brad Bauer (5 min.)
  7. New business: announcements from the floor, motions, calls for project ideas, session proposals: Brad Bauer
  8. Report on elections: Carl Van Ness (5 min.)
  9. Abandoned Property Law update: Linda Whitaker (5 min.)
  10. Section meeting program
    1. Jennifer Graham presents the results of a recently conducted survey that sought to learn more about the characteristics of our Section's membership, the challenges they face, and what they would like to see from the Section in terms of future programs.  After presentation, open floor for discussion and comments from the audience. (Survey results are available here.)
  11. Drawing for two books to be awarded to survey participants
  12. Adjourn