Tomaro Taylor, Candidate for Council

Professional Experience: Academic Services Librarian, University of South Florida Libraries, 2017–present. Social and Behavioral Sciences Librarian, USF Libraries, 2014–2016. Collections Librarian and Archivist, Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library, 20102016. Special Collections Librarian and Archivist, USF Libraries, 20042010. Dr. Henrietta M. Smith Resident Librarian, USF Libraries, 20032004.

Education: MA in American Studies, University of South Florida (USF), 2016; Certificate of Completion, Western Archives Institute, University of California, Davis, 2005; MA in Library and Information Science, USF, 2002; BA in American Studies, USF, 2001; BA in Psychology, USF, 1998.

Professional Activities: Society of American Archivists: Mentor, 20132015; Program Committee, 20112012; Student Program Subcommittee, 20112012 (Chair); Joint Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums, 20092011; Editor of the Archivists & Archives of Color Newsletter, 20072010. Academy of Certified Archivists: Regent for Examination Development and Chair of the Exam Development Committee, 20122016; Petition Review Team, 20092012; Exam Development Committee, 20092012. Society of Florida Archivists: President, 20122014; Vice President, 2010-2012; Bylaws Committee, 20152016 (Chair); SFA Representative to the Regional Archival Associations Consortium, 20132015; Annual Meeting Committee, 2009–2010 (Chair).  

Selected Publications and Presentations: Co-author, “Shifting Expectations: Revisiting Core Concepts of Academic Librarianship in Undergraduate Classes with a Digital Humanities Focus” (College & Undergraduate Libraries, 2017). “Volunteers in Archives, Special Collections, and Special Libraries in Academic Settings” (pp.  231238 in Library Volunteers Welcome! Strategies for Attracting, Retaining, and Making the Most of Willing Helpers, 2016). “Ethnography, Documentation, and the Archival Life Cycle” (Archival Education and Research Institutes, 2014). “Ethnography and Documentation” (Society of Florida Archivists Annual Meeting, 2014). Co-author, “Of Fans, Friends, and Followers: Methods for Assessing Social Media Outreach in Special Collections Repositories” (Journal of Web Librarianship, 2013). “Affiliation Agreements” (pp. 287295 in Preserving Local Writers, Genealogy, Photographs, Newspapers and Related Materials, 2012). “Applied Learning Models and the Role of Archives Intermediaries” (Southern Archivists Conference, 2012).

Awards: Award of Excellence, Society of Florida Archivists (2012). ACURILEAN Star (2008).

* * *

Question posed by Nominating Committee:

How would you leverage your role on the Council as a liaison to various SAA groups to support their initiatives and encourage the general membership to present new ideas to the Council and be more engaged with SAA leadership?

Candidate's Response:

The most effective and empowering leaders lead by example. They use their positions to encourage active involvement from and within their constituent communities and work to create inclusive spaces where open dialogue facilitates better understanding and representation of their communities’ interests and needs. Leaders, however, are only as effective as their teams, and teams must work towards cohesiveness throughout the duration of their service.

Whether working as a leader or as a member of a team, I strive to demonstrate the importance of open communication at all levels. To be effective at any level, open communication requires transparency and trust—aspects of dialogue that are imperative for strengthening the participation and visibility of all communities, be they individuals or groups. Helping SAA members find, recognize, and use their distinctive voices to effect positive change is my goal. If elected to the SAA Council, I will work to ensure that the voices I represent are heard across the organization.  Regardless of our various roles, we are all part of the same team and our voices are worthy of being heard. By supporting each other and recognizing the collective role we have in effective leadership processes, we continue to build a better and stronger SAA.


Slate of Candidates

The Nominating Committee has slated the following SAA members as candidates for office in the 2017 election:

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