American Archivist Online Supplement to Volume 74


This first-ever supplement to the American Archivist features content from nine of the SAA 75th Anniversary sessions at the ARCHIVES 360˚ conference in Chicago in August 2011. Also included is an introduction by guest editor William E. Landis. Click on the links below to access the content, or visit the MetaPress site


Celebrating, Commemorating, and Experimenting: SAA@75
William E. Landis

Which Hat Are You Wearing: "You Need What? When?" (Session 208)
Russell L. Gasero, Chana R. Kotzin, Lisa M. Sjoberg, and Alison Stankrauff

The View From Here: Perspectives on Educating About Archives (Session 306)
Brenda S. Banks, Paul Conway, Nancy Zimmelman Lenoil, Donna E. McCrea, and Michael F. Suarez, SJ

Roundtables as Incubators for Leadership: The Legacy of the Congressional Papers Roundtable (Session 309)
Connell B. Gallagher, Mark A. Greene, Leigh McWhite, Naomi Nelson, and Linda A. Whitaker

Founding Brothers: Leland, Buck, and Cappon and the Formation of the Archival Profession (Session 404)
Richard J. Cox, Charles Dollar, Rebecca Hirsch, and Peter J. Wosh

Reference, Access, and Outreach: An Evolved Landscape, 1936–2011 (Session 406)
George Bain, John A. Fleckner, Kathy Marquis, and Mary Jo Pugh

75 Years of International Women’s Collecting: Legacies, Successes, Obstacles, and New Directions (Session 506)
Rachel Miller, Danelle Moon, and Anke Voss

Exploring the Evolution of Access: Classified, Privacy, and Proprietary Restriction (Session 602)
William C. Carpenter, Charlene Nichols, Sarah A. Polirer, and Judith A. Wiener

E Pluribus Unum? SAA and the Regionals (Session 606)
Danna C. Bell-Russel, Teresa Brinati, Brenda S. Gunn, Dennis E. Meissner, Michael J. Paulus Jr., and Tanya Zanish-Belcher

Thirty Years On: SAA and Descriptive Standards (Session 706)
Steven L. Hensen, William E. Landis, Kathleen D. Roe, Michael Rush, and William Stockting