2016 SAA Research Forum


Society of American Archivists 

Research Forum

 “Foundations and Innovations”

 Tuesday, August 2, 9:00 am–5:00 pm 

 Hilton Atlanta  •  Atlanta, Georgia

Participants’ enthusiastic response to the past nine Research Forums confirms that the full spectrum of research activities—from “pure” research to applied research to innovative practice—is of interest and value to the archives community. The 10th Annual SAA Research Forum will build on previous success by continuing with a full day of presentations.

If you’re engaged in research . . . seeking to identify research-based solutions for your institution . . . willing to participate in the research cycle by serving as a beta site for research trials . . . or simply interested in what’s happening in research and innovation . . . then join us for the 10th annual SAA Research Forum: “Foundations and Innovations”!

Researchers, practitioners, educators, students, and the curious across all sectors of archives and records management are invited to participate. Use the Forum to discuss, debate, plan, organize, evaluate, or motivate research projects and initiatives. The event seeks to facilitate collaboration and help inform researchers about what questions and problems need to be tackled.

Archivists from around the country and the world will convene at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2016, the Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA and SAA in Atlanta, July 31–August 2.The Research Forum will provide a platform to acknowledge current—and encourage future—research and innovation from across the broad archives community and for the benefit of the archives profession.

In celebration of this 10th anniversary, please consider submitting a proposal that looks back at the first nine years (see the accumulated proceedings of the Research Forum online at http://archivists.org/proceedings/research-forum) and/or ahead to the next decade. You might identify trends in research methodology that are reflected in past platform and poster presentations; review the coverage of particular topics of interest to you; consider the archives community’s progress in producing research outcomes; look at gaps in the Forum’s coverage that might be addressed in the future; or develop any other topic that relates to the past, present, or future of the SAA Research Forum. If you have questions about using the Research Proceedings to address a topic of interest, please send it to researchforum@archivists.org—and watch for updates on the Forum’s webpage: http://archivists.org/proceedings/research-forum.

The following events are planned for 2016:

Call for Platform and Poster Presentations

SAA invites submission of abstracts (of 250 words or fewer) for either 10-minute platform presentations or poster presentations. Topics may address research on, or innovations in, any aspect of archives practice or records management in government, corporate, academic, scientific, or other setting. Presentations on research results that may have emerged since the 2016 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals deadline are welcome, as are reports on research completed within the past three years that you think is relevant and valuable for discussion. Topics that address the 10th Anniversary of the Research Forum are especially welcome this year. Please indicate whether you intend a platform or poster presentation.

Abstracts will be evaluated by a review committee co-chaired by Nancy McGovern (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Helen Tibbo (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 1, 2016. Deadline extended to May 16. You will be notified of the review committee’s decision by July 1 (in advance of the Early-Bird registration deadline).

Submit your 250-word abstract no later than May 16 via email to researchforum@archivists.org

Please be sure to include: Presentation title, your name, affiliation, email address, and whether your proposal is for a platform or poster presentation.

2016 SAA Research Forum Agenda

2016 SAA Research Forum Agenda

 Tuesday, August 2, 2016


9:00-9:15 AM  Opening
Nancy Y. McGovern, Research Forum Co-Chair

9:15-10:00 AM           Session 1: Digital Archives in Action [Schedule

From Survey Design to Hackfest: Reflections on Research-in-Practice for Born-Digital Access
Rachel Appel (Bryn Mawr College), Alison Clemens (Yale University), Wendy Hagenmaier (Georgia Tech University), Jessica Meyerson (University of Texas at Austin) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

A hard drive! Box it and put it on the shelf, Elizabeth": First Steps in Digital Forensics in a Very Small Archives
Elizabeth Charlton (Society of Mary-Marist Archives) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Content-level Intellectual Control for Digital Archives
Jinfang Niu (University of South Florida) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

10:00-10:30 AM         Break

10:30-11:00 AM         Session 2: Critical Practice and Advocacy [Schedule]

Third Time's the Charm?: The Journey of I&A's Advocacy Toolkit
Mary Rubin (University of Central Florida), Wendy Hagenmaier(Georgia Tech University), and Rachel Mandell (University of Central Florida) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Archival Education, Present and Future: Evaluating Curriculum for Critical Archival Practice
Desiree Alaniz (Simmons College) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Critical Work: Conceptualizing Archivists as Maintainers
Hillel Arnold (Rockefeller Archive Center) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

11:00- 11:30 AM        Session 3: Investigating Access Issues [Schedule]

Identification and Redaction of Sensitive Information in Born-Digital Archival Materials: Research and Development Directions
Christopher (Cal) Lee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Discord in Archival Description? Evaluating DACS Compliance and Best Practices through Document Analysis of Finding Aids for Music Materials
Elizabeth Surles (Rutgers University) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

11:30 AM-Noon         Session 4: Framing Our Work [Schedule]

Creating a Systemized Web Archiving Structure
Nahali Croft, Hannah Wang, Matthew Cresson, Sangeeta Desai (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Locating Inactive Records on Large Network Drives: Testing Archives Finder
Anthony Cocciolo (Pratt Institute School of Information) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

How We Can Use What We Already Know to Learn More: An Ontology for Linking Curriculum to Cultural Heritage
Sonia Yaco, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Saleha Rizvi (University of Illinois at Chicago) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]      

Noon-1:00 PM            Lunch

1:00-1:30 PM              Session 5: Funding, Research, and the Forum (10th Anniversary)  [Schedule]

Informal comments provided by:
Kathleen Williams (NHPRC)
Joel Wurl, (NEH)

1:30-2:30 PM              Posters and Demonstrations Session (see list of posters below)

2:30-3:00 PM              Break (and extra time for posters and demonstrations)

3:00-3:30 PM              Session 6: Archives and Archivists [Schedule]

Why Archival Certification?: Professional Development, Continuing Education, and Credibility
Susan Hamburger (Pennsylvania State University) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Archives in the News! An Examination of Mainstream Media Coverage of Archives
Lori Lindberg, Erin Fleak (Kent State University) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

3:30-4:00 PM              Session 7: Measure for Measure [Schedule]

Altmetrics and Archives
Elizabeth Joan Kelly (Loyola University New Orleans) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Our Archives, but Not Ourselves: Filling the Gap of Research About Women Archivists
Alexandra A.A. Orchard (Wayne State University), Kristen Chinery (Wayne State University), Leslie Van Veen McRoberts (Salisbury University), Alison Stankrauff (Indiana University South Bend) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Fonds Farewell: Mapping American Archival Vulnerabilities Due to Climate Change
Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati) and Ben Goldman (Penn State University) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

4:00-4:45 PM              Session 8: Building on the Forum (10th Anniversary) [Schedule]

A & D @ the Research Forum: Trends in Arrangement and Description Topics over the Last 10 years
Katherine M. Wisser (Simmons College) [Abstract/Bio[Slides]

Observations, Trends, and Gaps:
Daniel Noonan (Ohio State University) [Slides] [Notes]
Micah Altman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Slides]

4:45-5:00 PM              Closing

Research Forum Co-Chairs Nancy Y. McGovern and Helen Tibbo

Forum Feedback (stop by during the Poster Session)

Share your Ideas about the Past, Present, Future of the Research Forum (10th Anniversary)
Kari Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)



To Choose or Not to Choose: Appraisal and Selection in the Guggenheim Museum Archives Video and Sound Recordings Project
Joey Cabrera (Guggenheim Museum Archives), Tali Han (Guggenheim Museum Archives), and Rossy Mendez (NYC Municipal Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]

From Project to Strategy: Scalable Digital Curation at Ohio University Libraries
Janet Carleton, Sara Harrington, and Miriam Nelson (Ohio University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio[Poster] [Handout]

Natural Language Processing for Archival Description of Electronic Records: Potential and Priorities
Alexandra Chassanoff, Christopher (Cal) Lee, Sunitha Misra, and Kam Woods (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

National Memories Never Gone: Enhance Our Archival Quality and Quantity Macroscopically and in Sequence
Mei-Jung Chen and Yi-Pei Chen (National Archives Administration of Taiwan) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Bridges Not Walls: Connecting Community Archives with Cultural Institutions
Andrea Copeland and Ayoung Yoon (Indiana University) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Steps on the Path to Enriching and Enhancing Archival Moving Images with Linked Data: A Comparison of Potential Description Models for Moving Image Production and Archiving
Karen F. Gracy (Kent State University) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Provenance of a Tweet
Dan Kerchner, Justin Littman, Christie Peterson, Vakil Smallen, Rachel Trent, and Laura Wrubel (George Washington University) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Archives in the News! An Examination of Mainstream Media Coverage of Archives
Lori Lindberg (San Jose State University) and Erin Fleak (Kent State University) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Safeguarding the Charters of Freedom from Nuclear Attack in 1975: Agency Convergence and Idea Divergence
Mei Johnson and Valerie Marlowe (University of Delaware) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Teaching the Masses about Research Data Management
Dr. Helen R. Tibbo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Infrastructure and the Archive: Supporting Information Management Practices in the Humanities
Ciaran B. Trace (University of Texas at Austin) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

Issues on Ernst Papers in NARA, from the Viewpoint of a Japanese Archivist
Yayoi Tsutsui (Hitotsubashi University) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]

A & D @ the Research Forum: Trends in Arrangement and Description Topics over the Last 10 Years
Katherine M. Wisser (Simmons College) [Abstract/Bio[Poster]



"A Hard Drive! Box It and Put It On the Shelf, Elizabeth." First Steps in Digital Forensics in a Very Small Archives (pdf)
Elizabeth Charlton (Marist Archives)

Mapping Current Practices and Future Possibilities for Integrating Primary Sources into Higher Education Using the Cultural Heritage to Curriculum Crosswalk Ontology (pdf)
Sonia Yaco (University of Illinois at Chicago)



Why Archival Certification?: Professional Development, Continuing Education, and Credibility (pdf)
Susan Hamburger (Pennsylvania State University)