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Continuing Professional Education Catalog | Conference/Workshop Calendar

All programs are ordered by tiers: Foundational (F), Tactical and Strategic (TST), Tools and Services (T&S), and Transformational (TR).  

How DACS Fits with TEI, METS, MODS, and MARC

MARC for Archival Description

[F] "Real World" Reference: Moving Beyond Theory

[F] Appraisal of Electronic Records [DAS]

[F] Archival Exhibitions

[F] Archives Overview

[F] Archives: Principles and Practices

[F] Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records - Part I [A&D] [DAS]

[F] Association Archives ... Managing Your Institutional Memory

[F] Basic Electronic Records [DAS]

[F] Basics of Managing Electronic Records: Getting You Started! [DAS] - Webinar

[F] Becoming an Archives Consultant: Practical Info & Tips - Webinar

[F] Copyright Law for Archivists: A Risk Assessment Approach

[F] Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS)

[F] Digital Curation: Fundamentals for Success [DAS]

[F] Digital Forensics: Fundamentals [DAS]

[F] Encoded Archival Context - Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF) [A&D]

[F] Encoded Archival Description [A&D]

[F] Financial Management Basics for Archivists

[F] Forming Names According to RDA: Part I [A&D] - Webinar

[F] Fundamentals of Acquisition and Appraisal

[F] Fundamentals of Arrangement and Description

[F] Introduction to Processing Digital Records and Manuscripts [DAS]

[F] Management of Cultural Institutions

[F] Metadata Overview for Archivists [A&D] [DAS] - Webinar

[F] Oral History: From Planning to Preservation

[F] Preservation and Identification of 20th Century Visual Materials

[F] Rare Books for Archivists

[F] Secure and Protect Your Collections

[F] Standards for Digital Archives [DAS] - Webinar

[F] Thinking Digital: A Practical Session to Help You Get Started! [DAS] - Webinar

[F] Train the Trainer: Building a Successful Continuing Education Course - Webinar

[F] What is EAC-CPF?

[T&S] Archival Collections Management Systems [DAS] - Webinar

[T&S] Digital Forensics: Advanced [DAS] (2-day)

[T&S] EAD3: What's New? [A&D] - Webinar

[T&S] Forming Names According to RDA: Part II [A&D] - Webinar

[T&S] Preservation Formats in the Context of PDF [DAS] - Webinar

[T&S] Web Archiving Fundamentals [DAS] - Webinar

[TR] Authorities and RDF

[TR] Digital Curation Planning and Sustainable Futures [DAS]

[TR] Implementing “More Product, Less Process” [A&D]

[TR] Information Architecture [DAS] - Webinar

[TR] Managing Electronic Records in Archives and Special Collections [DAS]

[TR] Planning New and Remodeled Archival Facilities

[TR] User Experience Design and Digital Archives

[TST] Accessioning and Ingest of Electronic Records [DAS]

[TST] Advanced Appraisal for Archivists

[TST] Advanced Project Management for Archivists

[TST] Advocating for Archives

[TST] Architectural Records: Managing Design and Construction Records [A&D]

[TST] Archivists’ Guide to Balancing Legal Issues in Photographic Collections

[TST] Arrangement and Description for AV Materials

[TST] Arrangement and Description for Outreach or Visualizing Description

[TST] Arrangement and Description of Electronic Records - Part II [A&D] [DAS]

[TST] Arranging and Describing Ephemera

[TST] Building Advocacy and Support for Digital Archives [DAS]

[TST] Business Archives...Establishing and Managing an Archives

[TST] Change Management…How Do You Tackle It? - Webinar

[TST] Copyright Issues for Digital Archives [A&D] [DAS]

[TST] Crosswalking Metadata

[TST] Determining Options for and Selecting Tools

[TST] Developing Specifications and RFPs [DAS]

[TST] Digital Archives and Libraries [DAS]

[TST] Digital Repositories [DAS]

[TST] Electronic Records - The Next Step! [DAS] - Webinar

[TST] Essential Coding for Archivists

[TST] Fundamentals of Project Management for Archivists [A&D]

[TST] Grant Proposal Writing [A&D]

[TST] Green IS Great: Planning & Developing an Environmentally Friendly Building - Webinar

[TST] Photographs: Archival Principles and Practices [A&D]

[TST] Preserving Digital Archives [DAS]

[TST] Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Digital Archives [A&D] [DAS]

[TST] Protect Your Holdings AND Provide Access? - Webinar

[TST] Providing Access to Digital Archives [DAS] - Webinar

[TST] Reappraising and Deaccessioning Archival Materials from Start to Finish

[TST] Records Management for Archivists

[TST] Rights and Permissions: Policies for Reproduction and Reuse of Archival Holdings

[TST] Toward Financial Sustainability in Archives

[TST] Visual Literacy for Photograph Collections