SAA Archives and History

SAA Archives

Founded in 1936, the records of the Society of American Archivists are maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Click here to view the finding aid. And if you have questions about the SAA Archives, contact our archivist--Abigail Nye.

SAA History

In 2011, the Society of American Archivists celebrated its 75th anniversary. Explore the links below to learn more about SAA's history.

Timeline — Learn about significant people, places, and things in SAA's history via this online timeline.

Oral History Project  This project honors individuals who have contributed to the shaping of SAA by documenting their stories and experiences through interviews that supplement the “official” record of SAA. The video interviews and their transcripts will be deposited in the SAA Archives. Excerpts of interviews will be shared with members on YouTube and in other SAA spaces.

Trading Cards  Just like baseball cards, SAA is creating 75 cards featuring prominent people, places, events, organizations, and ideas that have played a major role in the association's history. Cards can be bought—and traded—at ARCHIVES 360°, SAA's 75th Annual Meeting in Chicago, August 22–27, 2011.

The American Archivist  This special online-only supplement captures the anniversary content generated during the ARCHIVES 360° conference in 2011.

History of SAA Leadership  Since it was chartered in 1936, a steady stream of strong leaders serving in a variety of posts have helped chart the course of SAA's history.