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Archives Management Roundtable

Welcome to the Archives Management Roundtable home page. This roundtable identifies and addresses management issues important to archivists and archival institutions and brings together archivists from dissimilar institutions who share these interests.

2015 AMRT Election Candidates

In preparation for our roundtable's leadership election this August, please review our candidates' biographical summaries and comments on the 2015 AMRT Election Candidates page.

Archives Management Roundtable Leaders

Thank you for your interest in the Archives Management Roundtable, and our thanks for the members' votes cast in our August 2014 election. Our group's officers and committee members are:

Sheryl Williams


8/16/2014 -8/15/2015 

University of Kansas  

Linda Whitaker, CA

Vice Chair   

8/16/2014 -8/15/2015

Arizona Historical Society at Papago Park  

Ann Smith Case, CA


8/16/2014 -8/15/2015

Tulane University

Mott Linn, CA

Immediate Past Chair   


Clark University

Katherine Crowe

Steering Committee Member   

8/11/2012 -8/15/2015

University of Denver

Katie Nash, CA

Steering Committee Member

8/11/2012 -8/15/2015

Williams College

Lynn Eaton

Steering Committee Member

8/17/2013 -8/15/2016

James Madison University

Caryn Radick

Steering Committee Member


Rutgers University 

Susan Malbin 

Steering Committee Member

8/16/2014- 8/15/2017 

American Jewish Historical Society 

Daria D'Arienzo, CA

Steering Committee Member

8/16/2014- 8/15/2017 

Archives Consultant 

Pam Hackbart-Dean, CA

Council Liaison

8/16/2014 - 8/15/2017  

 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale