Toward Financial Sustainability in Archives

Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU
1 day
Max Attendees: 
Tactical & Strategic

Sustainable organizations have a business model that allows the necessary time and resources to meet their mission. Archives and other cultural organizations must work to develop operating models to become sustainable, even when in the midst of an economic downturn.


This workshop will challenge many of you to think for the first time about your organization as a business. We’ll introduce you to several tools including graphical methods for evaluating institutional performance and economic impact analysis. These tools, along with guidance on asking difficult questions and how to approach tough decisions, will help you develop a strategic plan for your organization as you work toward financial sustainability.

Learning Outcomes: 
Use the basics of economic impact and contribution analyses as a tool for archival outreach and advocacy
Identify previously unidentified potential stakeholders
Develop strategies for discussing the value of archives with stakeholders
Provide answers to managers who want to know about the impact on their bottom line
Present archives from a perspective that few contributors consider
Who Should Attend?: 

Archivists who manage or are responsible for “selling” their archives, as well as archivists who plan to go into management positions

“Discussing advocacy planning, because it gave good insights into determining impact.”
“Discussion throughout was informative and productive.”
“The instructors’ willingness to engage the participants. We had very good discussion. I learned a lot!”
Co-Sponsor Provides: 
  • Classroom: 6-foot tables with two chairs each or 8-foot tables with three chairs each
  • A table at the back of the room
  • Two bottle of waters or pitcher of water with two glasses for instructors
  • Easel
  • Lectern and microphone for instructor
  • Instructor workstation (a PC or laptop that has a USB port, runs standard MS Office software, and has PowerPoint)
  • LCD projector and replacement bulb for the LCD projector
  • Projection screen
  • Coffee/tea/water for morning break
  • Water/assorted soft drinks for afternoon break