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The Records Management Roundtable encourages discussion of current issues in records and information management and promotes better understanding of the importance of collaborative efforts between archivists, records managers, and other information professionals. The roundtable works with SAA to promote proactive and responsible records and information management practices that benefit SAA, archival and records management institutions and professionals, consumers of records and information management services, and society as a whole through the verification of authenticity and accuracy of records.

The roundtable endorses and upholds the profession's ethical standards and guidelines, while encouraging a strong commitment to professional development of its members through continuing education; developing professional standards and practices; and educating society about records and information management. The roundtable encourages diversity, initiates discussions and training in records management technologies, and promotes public awareness of the records and information management profession and its close ties to archives management.

Recent News & Announcements

Learn more about the 2015 nominees for the RMRT Steering Committee.
The proposed Records Management Roundtable bylaws were accepted by SAA Council at their May 2015 meeting.
This document details the proposed changes to the bylaws with track changes. Please contact Beth Cron with any questions Thank you for voting!
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