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Privacy and Confidentiality Roundtable

Welcome to the Privacy and Confidentiality Roundtable!

About the Roundtable

The Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable provides a forum for the discussion of privacy and confidentiality issues and their legal and ethical implications for archival practice. The Roundtable convenes during the annual meeting to elect officers and hold a program. Topics have ranged from third-party privacy in literary papers, access to medical records, and the types of restrictions placed on archival records. A member has traditionally given a summary of archives-related privacy and confidentiality issues in the news, and the vice-chair gives a review of a recent book pertaining to Roundtable concerns.

Other Roundtable projects include an annotated bibliography of relevant publications and the recently published Privacy and Confidentiality Reader. The Reader was published by SAA and was edited by Roundtable members Menzi Behrndt–Klodt and Peter Wosh. "Choose Privacy Week" is another initiative in which the Roundtable has participated. See below for the Roundtable's Choose Privacy Week video!

Membership in the Roundtable is open to all SAA members who are interested in privacy and confidentiality issues.

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 Choose Privacy Week Video


"Choose Privacy Week is an initiative that invites library users into a national conversation about privacy rights in a digital age. The campaign gives libraries the tools they need to educate and engage users, and gives citizens the resources to think critically and make more informed choices about their privacy." -PrivacyRevolution.Org

Check out the SAA Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable's "Choose Privacy Week" video on Vimeo


Recent News & Announcements

At the annual meeting, Frank Boles of SAA's Committee on Archives and Public Policy (CAPP) led a discussion before the roundtable on the archival implications of the NSA mass surveillance.
July 2014 edition of The Keyhole: Newsletter of the Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable
Results for the 2014 election of P&C leadership positions
The results of the Privacy and Confidentiality Roundtable 2013 Election.
The Steering Committee of the Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable would like to provide some links to promote discussion of the national debate on privacy in general and specifically government access to big data warehouses that are collecting information on private citizens.
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