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EAD Revision

Encoded Archival Descriptionis currently under revision by TS-EAD.

The current timetabel for the revision process is as follows:

  • October 2010: Call for comments
  • February 28, 2011: Deadline for comments
  • August 2011: Discussion forum at SAA Annual Meeting
  • March 2012: Working meeting of TS-EAD at the Beinecke Library
  • February 2013:¬†Alpha release, open alpha comment period
  • February 25-26, 2013: Tag Library editorial team meeting
  • May 1, 2013: End of alpha comment period
  • August 1, 2013: Beta release, open beta comment period
  • August 2013: Present Beta at SAA 2013 EAD Roundtable Meeting
  • October 1, 2013: End of beta comment period
  • February 2014: Gamma comment period
  • Winter 2015: Publish EAD3

Various documents related to the revision of EAD are attached below.  Questions regarding the revision of EAD should be directed to the EAD listserv or directly to TS-EAD co-chairs Michael Rush and Bill Stockting.

eadRevisionProgress_2014-08-13.pptx351.73 KB
eadRevisionProgress_2013-08-16.pptx1.3 MB
Elements_Beta.pdf1.42 MB
Attributes_Beta.pdf226.76 KB
eadRevisionProgress_2012-08-08_0.pptx189.2 KB
EAD Revision-Points of Emphasis.pdf54.38 KB
EADRevisionTechnicalConsiderations.pdf142.15 KB
EAD_Comments_digest.pdf245.06 KB
EAD_Revision_Comments.xls109 KB
Harvard University proposed EAD revisions final_2011_02_25.pdf354.74 KB
UK_ara_dsg_eadsubmission.doc44.5 KB
France_Proposals for evolution of EAD.rtf50.3 KB
saa11EADForum_Process.pptx71.45 KB
saa11EADForum_Suggestions.ppt236 KB
saa11EADForum_Outcomes.pptx207.47 KB
saa11EADForum_Technical Considerations.ppt101 KB
saa11EADForum_TagUsage_0.pptx129.04 KB