Architect of the Capitol

This tour is FULL as of July 30, 2014

Date:  August 12, 2014

Time: 9:00-11:00am
Minimum Number of Participants: 2
Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Pre-registration required.

Contact Information:
Andria Leo

Description of Tour:
The Architect of the Capitol is responsible for the maintenance, operation, development, and preservation of the U. S. Capitol complex, which includes the Capitol and its grounds, the congressional office buildings, the Library of Congress buildings, the Supreme Court building, the U. S. Botanic Garden, the Capitol Power Plant, and other facilities.

The agency’s records, which include architectural and engineering drawings, photographs, and textual records, document construction, renovation, and preservation in the Capitol complex as well as the history of the agency since the 1850s.

Ford House Office Building
2nd & D Streets SW, Washington DC

Some metered parking. Metro recommended.

Closest Metro and/or Metrobus: Federal Center SW

Building is open to the public, but you do have to go through metal detectors and any personal bags or items through x-ray machines.

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