Presidents' Welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It’s been four years since CoSA, NAGARA, and SAA met together in Washington, DC, and we’re delighted to be reuniting for ARCHIVESRECORDS: Ensuring Access – your best opportunity all year to grow your professional knowledge and skills, stretch your imagination, expand your contacts and networks, look beyond your institution’s walls, and interact with colleagues in the archives and records profession.

If you’ve attended a CoSA, NAGARA, or SAA annual meeting (or a Joint Annual Meeting!) you know the excitement that comes from hearing about innovative approaches to archives and records activities, exploring new ideas, meeting new colleagues, and renewing friendships. If you’ve never attended – or haven’t joined us in recent years – prepare to be awed by the array of opportunities to learn, explore, collaborate, and celebrate the world of archives and records:

★ In-depth pre-conference workshops and provocative plenary sessions that give you direct access to experts in the field and voices from beyond our professional circles.

★ Exciting program sessions (choose from 70 of them!) that deliver the latest ideas and techniques in an environment in which you’ll feel comfortable asking questions.

★ Special-interest group meetings, committee meetings, work sessions, and forums that put you in touch with colleagues who share your specific interests and concerns and provide a venue for collaboration.

★ Lots of time for networking so that you can exchange ideas and make new friends.

★ The Expo – an unparalleled opportunity to talk with our industry partners, share your ideas and opinions, and learn what’s new in the field.

★ And because we don’t believe in all work and no play, our enthusiastic Host Committee has lined up a diverse itinerary of repository tours, open houses, and on-your-own explorations and planned an All- Attendee Reception in the magnificent Great Hall of the Library of Congress, where you can catch up with your friends and colleagues.

At ARCHIVESRECORDS: Ensuring Access you’ll meet, learn, network, and collaborate with colleagues from across the country (and around the world) who share your interests, concerns, and on-the-job challenges. You’ll benefit from our profession’s diversity of ideas, methods, and experiences – and we’ll learn from you.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the field, an experienced professional, or somewhere in between, you’ll revel in the opportunities available at the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting. We look forward to seeing you in DC in August!

Danna C. Bell
Library of Congress
SAA President, 2013-2014

Daphne O. DeLeon, CA
Nevada State Library and Archives
NAGARA President, 2013-2014 

Matt Veatch
Kansas Historical Society
CoSA President, 2013-2014 

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