Sharing Your Presentation

August is getting closer, and your presentation is in a few short weeks! After talking to your fellow presenters and pulling together the content, consider the details of sharing your hard work.

Update Your Profile. Most of our meeting participants are going to find out about your session, and about you, through the conference’s Online Schedule/Mobile App. Please take a moment to look up your profile:

  • Is your name, information, and bio correct?
  • Upload a profile picture! People are more likely to attend sessions that have pictures of the speakers.
  • You can go a step further, if you want, and link your profile to your social media accounts. This makes you and your work even more accessible and interesting to conference participants.

If you need any assistance with logging in or managing your profile, or if you have any questions about the app, please contact Matt Black at

Make sure the (Mac) technology works. Everyone can use a reminder about pre-loading presentations, utilizing screen shots instead of the internet in your presentation, charging your laptop, and bringing the power cord. Due to the ever-expanding variety of Mac computers, the Conference Office cannot support providing all types of adapters for Macintosh laptops. If you plan to run your presentation from a Mac computer, please make sure to bring an adapter that connects to a VGA cable. The part of the adapter that connects to the projector (via a VGA connection) is standard; the part that connects to your particular Macintosh machine is most likely unique to your particular model. Speakers are responsible for bringing their own adapters since the Conference Office cannot stock and supply every adapter. If you are not sure which adapter you need, the “cable chooser” on the Apple website should point you in the right direction:  

Take advantage of the other opportunities to share your work beyond this one week in August...

  • Submit your presentation. All session participants are invited to submit presentation-related materials (e.g., abstracts, papers, slideshow files, etc.) for posting on the official ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2014 website. Scroll down for detailed instructions, including acceptable file formats and naming conventions. Please note that only presentations submitted to and posted by the Conference Office will be available post-conference.
  • Get published!  Share your ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2014 presentation with an even broader and more diverse audience by also submitting it for publication consideration in The American Archivist. Editor Greg Hunter is eager to work with you to make the transition from oral presentation to journal article. With a readership of more than 6,600, The American Archivist is available both in print and online. For more information, click here, or contact Greg Hunter at

*   *   *

You may submit abstracts, papers, handouts, slideshows, etc., as e-mail attachments to Links to your submitted content will be accessible via your session description.

When submitting materials:
*     In your subject line, please indicate: 2014 Speaker Materials.  
*     In the body of your email, please include: 
        --Your name,
        --The number and title of your session,
        --The title of your paper/poster presentation.
*     Very Important! In addition, please name your files according to the following guideline: If you are submitting multiple files, please add an "A," "B," etc. after your last name to distinguish them and to indicate the order in which you would like the links to appear. (e.g., session601-SmithA.doc, session601-SmithB.ppt, etc.)

SAA will post received files to the ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2014 website. All files will be posted as is (i.e., files will not be edited). Abstracts typed into the body of an e-mail will not be accepted. Therefore, please place all information to be published into a text document. As a courtesy, please keep your files to a minimum size. Accepted file types include PDFs, open document formats (.odt, .ods, .odp, etc.), and proprietary file formats (.docx, .xls, .ppt, etc.).

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