SAA Annual Membership (Business) Meeting

Monday, August 5, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

All SAA members are welcome to attend the Annual Membership (Business) Meeting, which features reports by the officers and executive director and other business brought before the membership. One hundred individual members constitute a quorum. Voting members must display their specially labeled registration badge to vote at the meeting. Primary contacts of institutional members will receive a voting card at Registration that they must display to vote. To view the SAA Constitution and Bylaws, see:

Presiding: Dr. Meredith Evans, SAA President
Parliamentarian: Scott Cline, CA


1. Call to Order (Dr. Meredith Evans)

2. Report of the Executive Director (Nancy Beaumont) 

3. Report of the Treasurer (Amy Fitch)

4. Report of the 2018 Nominating Committee (Dominque Luster)

5. New Business (Dr. Meredith Evans)

  • Resolutions from the Floor

6. Announcements / Appreciation (Dr. Meredith Evans)

7. Remarks from Incoming SAA President (Dr. Meredith Evans)

8. Adjournment

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