Uploading Your Presentation Files

You may submit abstracts, papers, handouts, slideshows, etc. via the online schedule at Sched.org to make them publicly available.

To submit your materials:

  1. Please name your files according to the following guideline: session###-YourLastName.xxx. If you are submitting multiple files, please add an "A," "B," etc. after your last name to distinguish them and to indicate the order in which you would like the links to appear. (e.g., session601-SmithA.doc, session601-SmithB.ppt, etc.)
  2. Login to http://archives2016.sched.org.
  3. Once you’re logged in, click the link in the message near the top of each page to “View attendees & manage your session.”
  4. Click “Add Presentation.”
  5. Click “Select a file” and browse to your file.
  6. Click Upload.
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