Record-Breaking Meeting Attendance

The 2014 Joint Annual Meeting is our largest conference ever! With more than 2,300 individuals preregistered, you’ll have the chance to interact with even more people and ideas than usual.

But it also means that session rooms will be very full; registration, restroom, and hotel restaurant lines will be long; and the All-Attendee Reception at the Library of Congress Great Hall will be crowded.

Be Prepared!

Conference management is taking steps to help manage these exceptional numbers. Here are some tips you can use to manage the crowds:

  1. Get there early! Give yourself extra time to travel to a session or event.
  2. Sit up front and fill in all available seats.
  3. Hit the bookstore early on—the awesome T-shirts and caps will go quickly.
  4. Be extra nice to each other.
  5. Consider alternate travel to the All-Attendee Reception. The buses will be packed.
  6. Enjoy it! Long lines are a great networking opportunity.

We appreciate your patience—and encourage you to take the opportunity to “rub elbows” (maybe literally!) with your colleagues!

All-Attendee Reception 

The Library of Congress requires that all visitors pass through a screening process that is akin to TSA screening (except that you can keep your shoes on). Please do not bring any unnecessary bags to the reception and be prepared to remove all metal objects and place them in a tray. If you have a pocket knife or similar tool, you will not be allowed to bring it into the building. Please leave it in your room.

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Kath says:
It would be appreciated if

It would be appreciated if you could refrain from bringing any superfluous bags to the front desk and be ready to take out all metal articles and put them on a tray, see more...