Laptop Connections to Projectors at SAA Annual Meeting

SAA Annual Meeting presenters are responsible for providing their own laptops or other devices for use during their presentations. Presenters also are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary adapters to connect to the LCD projectors.

SAA is unable to provide HDMI, Android mobile, or MAC connectors due to the wide diversity of technical requirements.

If you plan to use a PC laptop, you will be able to connect your laptop directly to the LCD projector video cable through your VGA or SVGA ports. If HDMI is required, please bring your HDMI adapter.

If you plan to use an Android mobile device/tablet, you must provide your own specific cable adapter to connect to the LCD projector.

If you plan to use an Apple device (laptop, MacBook Air, iPad, etc.), you must bring your own specific MAC cable adapter to connect to the LCD projector. Every MAC device is sold with the appropriate cable connector. Apple cable connectors are unique to each specific model of your Apple device. If you no longer have your connector, you can purchase one from the local Apple store or from Apple online. SAA will not have Apple adapters on site.

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