On-site Pop-Up Sessions Information

Visit the Pop-Up Session table in the registration area to Vote!

On-site Pop-Up information

In addition to the selected Pop-Up Sessions on Thursday afternoon, the 2015 Program Committee will welcome submissions on-site for Pop-Ups during the following slots:

409 (Friday @11:30 am), 509 and 510 (Friday @3:15 pm), and 709, and 710 (Saturday @10am)

For on-site selection, proposers will present their ideas in one paragraph of 75 words or less to be posted at or near the registration area. That information will be placed on a poster easel or similar surface near the registration desk. Please submit your proposal once, for one of the three time slots available. Voting for Pop-Up sessions will be available beginning Thursday. You are welcome to post your information beginning Wednesday.  

Proposers are strongly encouraged to use Twitter and other social media to get the word out about their session proposal. Members will vote for their favorite session by stopping by the posted information and placing a colored dot by that particular session.  Voting will end at 10:00 am, Friday for the 400 slot, 1:00 pm Friday for the 500 slots, and 8:30 am, Saturday for the 700 slots.  SAA will update the online schedule and tweet accepted proposals.  The accepted session leaders are also encouraged to use social media to alert folks about their successful proposal. 

Anyone who proposed an earlier Pop-Up that was not chosen, you are more than welcome to resubmit your proposal in this new format.  

This is a first try for this, so we will welcome feedback as to the process and interest in on-site proposals!

-2015 Program Committee

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