President's Welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Cleveland rocks! Pursue innovative ideas, engage with new colleagues, re-connect with friends, be challenged by different perspectives, delve into new directions, tools and training—the SAA Annual Meeting is an amazing opportunity for all of us. Whether you are a “regular,” have never attended — or haven’t joined us in recent years — prepare to be awed by the array of ideas we have to share with each other, and the energy we can share with each other to sustain our commitment to our work as archivists!

In this “Year of Living Dangerously for Archives,” so many of you have responded to a wide range of challenges in ways that are inspiring testaments to why we are archivists, why what we do truly matters. This meeting is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the energy and effort of the past year and to share the ways in which we have stepped out of our comfort zone to demonstrate how very much archives matter. We’ve made strides forward in sharing ideas, tools, and the motivation to take action to raise awareness of archives among key audiences, from our own institution’s resource allocators to policy makers and the general public. There will be sessions focusing on our accomplishments, our challenges, and that we hope will inspire you to continue to speak up, speak out, and speak eloquently about why archives matter.

What’s different about ARCHIVES 2015 in Cleveland? We listened to the concerns raised by members, and we’re “living dangerously” and trying new approaches, including:

  • Convention center + three hotels.
  • Our dynamic Program Committee has built into the schedule ten slots for a new learning experience: Pop-Up sessions. (To read more, see the Program Committee’s article here.)
  • Launch of SAA’s new public awareness campaign (more to come about that!).

ARCHIVES 2015 will feature:

  • In-depth pre-conference workshops and provocative plenary sessions that give you direct access to experts in the field and voices from beyond our professional circles.
  • Energizing program sessions that deliver the latest ideas and techniques in an environment in which you’ll feel comfortable asking questions.
  • SAA section and roundtable meetings that put you in touch with colleagues who share your specific interests and concerns and provide a venue for collaboration.
  • Lots of time for networking so that you can exchange ideas and make new friends.
  • The Expo is an unparalleled opportunity to talk with our industry partners, express your ideas and opinions, and learn what’s new in the field.
  • And because we don’t believe in all work and no play, our enthusiastic Host Committee has lined up a diverse itinerary of repository tours, open houses, and on-your-own explorations, as well as an All-Attendee Dessert Reception at one of the coolest places on earth: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

At ARCHIVES 2015, you will meet, learn, network, and collaborate with colleagues from across the country (and around the world) who share your interests, concerns, and on-the-job challenges. You’ll benefit from our profession’s diversity of ideas, methods, and experiences – and we’ll learn from you.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the field, an experienced professional, or somewhere in between, you’ll find an incredible range of opportunities available at ARCHIVES 2015! I look forward to exploring with you the amazing diversity of perspectives, passions, practice and people who make up our community of archivists. Be sure to come find me there to share your ideas and hopes for our profession — and tell me where you find the best coffee. Cleveland rocks—join us this August!

Kathleen D. Roe 
New York State Archives 
SAA President, 2014-2015

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