Student Poster Information

Thank you for agreeing to share your knowledge and perspectives with archivists and students from around the country via a graduate student poster presentation at ARCHIVES 2017! Following is some information that will be useful as you develop your poster and plan your meeting schedule.  


Registration and the full conference schedule will be available on April 3 via the conference website under the PROGRAM tab. Poster presenters are required to register for the conference.


Posters that have been reviewed and accepted by the 2017 Student Program Subcommittee will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall during Exhibit Hall hours. Details on exact location and setup/teardown times will be forthcoming.

Presenters are expected to be with their posters to discuss them with viewers during the following times:

  • Thursday, July 27, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Friday, July 28, from 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm

You should also feel free to stand by your poster during other Exhibit Hall hours and to make appointments with individuals to discuss the work represented by your poster.


Setup and dismantling / removal of your poster are your responsibility. You may set up your poster in the Exhibit Hall of the Oregon Convention Center on Thursday, July 28, between 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm. All graduate student posters must be fully set by 4:30 pm on Thursday. Posters will be on display throughout Exhibit Hall hours (Thursday, July 28, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, and Friday, August 5, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm). Posters must be dismantled by 5:00 pm on Friday. Posters remaining after this time will be kept at the Onsite Registration for pickup no later than 9:00 am on Saturday. After this time they will be discarded by the conference staff.

Poster presenters are responsible for their own poster construction costs.  However, the Conference Office will provide the following standard materials:

  • A shared cork board on which to display your poster, which must measure 32 inches by 40 inches (horizontal or vertical);
  • Push pins that you can use to affix your materials to the board.

Due to the growing number of posters presented in the Exhibit Hall, we are experimenting with the display setup. Please do not print your poster on foam core. This will not affix to the cork boards.

You may display supplementary material that is relevant to your presentation (including business cards), but the Conference Office will not store or secure it for you and we are unable to provide tables for poster presentations.  Laptops are permitted, but cannot be secured.  No outlets or Internet connections beyond the convention center wi-fi will be available.

Following are some general tips that you may wish to consider as you prepare your poster presentation:

  • Graphical elements should be emphasized when appropriate and possible.  Graphs, charts, tables, photographs, and illustrations are particularly appropriate for a poster presentation.
  • Lettering should be simple, bold, and easily legible from a distance of 4 feet.  Use no more than two or three fonts, and keep font sizes between 16 and 48 points.
  • Poster content should be divided into appropriate sections, such as:  title, author(s) and affiliation(s), abstract, methods, results or data, and conclusion or summary.  Headings above each poster section should indicate its contents and identify the appropriate sequence in which to view the poster.  If necessary, use clearly visible numbers, letters, or arrows to assist the viewer.
  • Written material should be concise.  Save nonessential but helpful or interesting secondary points for discussion with your viewers, or create and distribute an information sheet that expands on your topic.
  • Printed conclusions should permit viewers to focus on a concise statement of your central findings and should spark informal discussion (if applicable).
  • Consider adding #saa17 in an unobtrusive area of your poster so that attendees can Tweet about it!

Don't Forget to Update Your Conference Profile. The interactive online schedule and mobile app are hosted by Please update your profile – it makes the schedule better for everyone! Sessions with completed speaker data are likely to receive better attendance during the event. Attendees have already begun creating their customized schedules, so please take a moment now to update your information. Add or review your profile picture, bio, website, and social media links. Forgot your login information? Email Matt Black at with your name and poster number.

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