Pop-Up Sessions Announced!

The ARCHIVES 2017 Program Committee invited submissions of "Pop-Up" session proposals at the SAA Annual Meeting in Portland, July 23-29. Pop-Up sessions enliven the conference program by focusing on ideas and content that have "popped up" since initial proposals were due in November. Proposers were encouraged to think creatively to point attendees in new directions.

We then asked you, members and attendees, to vote on which Pop-Up session(s) you would most like to see presented at the conference. Thank you to all who submitted proposals and all who voted - the votes have now been tallied!

Congratulations to the following chosen proposals:

109. The Elephant in the Room: Archivists' Technological Competencies
Speakers: Anne Daniel, Amanda Jamieson, and Amanda Oliver

311. Digitization Matters:10 Years Later
Speakers: Michelle Light, Merrilee Proffitt, and Erik Moore

411. Forget the Best: Good and Better Approaches to Preservation
Speakers: Anastasia Matijkiw and Samantha Forsko

507. Getting Personal: Rethinking What "Personal" Means in Archives
Speakers: Jennifer Douglas, Allison Mills, Katie Sloan, and Jennifer Vanderfluit

Follow the links to the conference online program to learn more about the session.

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