SAA Annual Membership (Business) Meeting

Friday, July 28, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

All SAA members are welcome to attend the Annual Membership (Business) Meeting, which features reports by the officers and executive director and other business brought before the membership. One hundred individual members constitute a quorum.  Voting members must display their specially labeled registration badge to vote at the meeting. Primary contacts of institutional members will receive a voting card at Registration that they must display to vote. To view the SAA Constitution and Bylaws, see:

Rules for the SAA Business Meeting

 At the beginning of the Society's annual business meeting, the President shall present the following rules for adoption by a majority vote of those members present and voting. Once adopted, the rules may be suspended or amended only by a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of members present and voting unless such suspension or amendment conflicts with the Society's constitution or bylaws. Notice of the rules of the business meeting shall be made in writing to all meeting registrants through their registration packets.

  1. Full members, student members, and honorary members may vote at the Society's business meetings. Each institutional member may identify a primary contact person who is eligible to vote.
  2. In any question of the membership status of an individual, the executive office roster of members for the month in which the annual meeting begins will be definitive.
  3. All members may participate in discussions at the business meeting.
  4. Nonmembers may speak by general consent of the membership; if a member calls into question the participation by a nonmember, the chair will ask for a vote by the members present. A simple majority will provide consent to speak.
  5. Persons seeking recognition from the chair shall identify themselves for the record, giving their names, institutional or other affiliation, and whether they are members or nonmembers.
  6. One hundred (100) individual members constitute a quorum.
  7. Debate shall be limited to five minutes for each speaker; no speaker may have the floor twice until all who wish to speak have spoken.
  8. All resolutions to be brought before the business meeting for action shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Director no later than noon of the day preceding the business meeting and shall be available to members at the meeting. Resolutions from the floor may be considered by majority vote, except as required by the Constitution.
  9. At the beginning of the meeting the President will announce the agenda, call for additions or amendments, and call for a vote to approve the agenda. After the agenda has been adopted by the majority of the members present and voting, it can be departed from only by the general consent or by two-thirds vote if any members request a vote.
  10. Proxy votes are not permitted.
  11. Aside from the rules above, Robert's Rules of Order (latest revised edition) will govern the business meeting.


As amended May 25, 2016. 

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