2022 Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus

86th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists

Sheraton Boston
In-person and Virtual Conference: August 25-27, 2022

Plan Now to Be a Part of the 2022 SAA Expo

SAA is planning a hybrid conference in August 2022 and Boston will be transformed into the ARCHIVES capital of the world! Virtually and in-person, you’ll have access to the year’s largest audience of archives, records, and information professionals who are eager to learn about your products and services, ask questions, and provide their perspectives. The Expo brings together the purchasing decision makers at the national, state, and local levels.

For questions, please contact Carlos Salgado at csalgado@archivists.org or 312-606-0722 ext. 215.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Premiere Sponsorship Opportunities

At the 2022 SAA Expo, you’ll share your message with more than 1,800 archives, records, and information management professionals from around the world. Sponsorship provides an opportunity to enhance your exposure and take your commitment to the next level!

  Strategic Partner Sustaining Partner Supporting Partner
Benefits SOLD OUT!
(Max 2 sponsors)
(Max 2 sponsors)  
  $25,000 $15,500 $12,500
Exhibit Space 2 free 8x10 exhibit booths with priority placement in Expo Hall (in-person) 1 free 8x10 exhibit booth with priority placement in Expo Hall (in-person) 1 free 8x10 exhibit booth with priority placement in Expo Hall (in-person)
Discount on additional booths  10%  10%  10%
Plenary Session Sponsor with 60-second pre-recorded commercial - -
Your company name/logo on all conference email marketing.  ✔  -  -
One User Group Meeting 
(75 min, in-person or virtual) 
 ✔  -  -
Social Media Promotion
(one Twitter and one Facebook post on SAA channels.)
 -  -
One Mini-Theater Presentation (25 min, in-person or virtual)
Session Sponsor with company name/logo on introductory slide Five Three One
Logo displayed on the SAA Annual Meeting website with link to your home page  
Premier Listing
✔  ✔ 
Access to the attendee roster (names and email addresses) for one-time use before and one-time use after the conference.
Email messages to all SAA members (Approx 6000 people), sent from SAA headquarters between August 2022 and March 2023 Four Two One
Advertising on the conference website 20% discount 20% discount 
Conference Registrations  Four Two Two 
10% discount on additional conference registrations ✔   ✔  ✔


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

We're delighted to work with you to create a sponsorship opportunity that meets your company’s marketing goals and budget.

Registration Desk and Lanyards with your logo.$15,000 including banner ad on all registration communications, name/logo on the main registration web page, and on the conference platform.
Conference Tote Bag with one insert.$15,000
Conference Tote Bag Insert.$1,000 per insert.
Closed captioning of all education sessions.$10,000
Virtual Platform $8,500; two sponsors at this level.
SAA Awards Program$7,000; including banner ad on web page with link to your site + all email marketing.
Virtual Platform Wellness / Yoga Breaks$5,000
Face Masks $5,000
Touchless Sanitary Key  $5,000
Hand Sanitizer$5,000
Conference pen provided to each attendee$5,000
Hotel and Convention Center Opportunities
Conference Hotel WiFi with logo on login screen$12,000
Hotel Key Cards$5,000
Hotel Key Card Sleeve$5,000
Sheraton Clings$6,000; includes production
Sheraton Digital Signage - Dark Channel 
(On TV in hotel sleeping room when they check-in)
Sheraton Digital Signage – gobos $3,000
Sheraton Digital Signage – elevator screens$5,000
Sheraton Digital Signage – Backbay Hallway access$5,000
Sheraton Floor decals$10,000
Convention Center Clings$3,500; includes production
Convention Center Banner$3,500 
Convention Center Digital Signage$2,400
Events + Receptions
New Member/First-Timer Reception$5,000; with optional table with your handouts
Mentoring Program Meet-and-Greet $5,000; with optional table with your handouts
SAA Foundation Reception$5,000; with optional table with your handouts
Exhibit Hall Special Events
Opening Reception with One Mini-Theater Presentation$15,000
Coffee Break with One Mini-Theater Presentation $15,000
Lunch with One Mini-Theater Presentation $15,000
Closing Break with One Mini-Theater Presentation $15,000
Engagement Outside of Your Booth
60-to-90 minute Open Forum$5,000
Social Media Promotion for Exhibitors (One Twitter and one Facebook post promoting your presence at SAA 2022.)$5,000
All-member email messages sent from SAA Headquarters$1,200
NEW IN 2022! Sponsor the Mini-Theater and have your company emblazoned as the official theater name in the program, schedule, and signage at entrance of Expo Hall! $3,500
25-minute pre-recorded presentation to be aired during Virtual Mini-Theater time slots. (Submit your pre-recorded presentation to share your message with attendees!)$1,000
25-minute In-Person Mini-Theater Presentation in Expo Hall during unopposed time block. $1,000
30-second pre-recorded advertising “spot” at the start of a virtual session of your choosing. $1,500
15-second pre-recorded advertising “spot” at the start of a virtual session of your choosing. $1,000
Individual session sponsorship (not including plenaries).

$650 for one session
$1,200 for two sessions
$1,900 for three sessions

Sponsorship of four virtual registrations for precariously employed archives workers.$500

Exhibitor Opportunities

Why Exhibit at the 2022 SAA Expo?

SAA members are eager to return to an in-person meeting, but many members were able to attend their first SAA conference because of the convenience of a virtual conference. With a hybrid conference you will have access to your target audience among thousands of archives, records, and information management professionals representing government, universities, libraries, corporations, religious institutions, museums, and more—online and in-person!

  • Redevelop relationships with archives, records, and information professionals from the US and around the world.
  • Reconnect with current customers and SAA Members.
  • Learn what archives, records, and information management professionals have to say about your products – and what their future product needs are as they return to their institution and offices
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the archives, records, and information professions.
  • Enjoy 11 hours of conveniently scheduled exhibit time, of which 5.25 full hours is unopposed by education programming.
  • Sell your products online and on the show floor.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to reconnect with current and prospective customers! Attendees will be drawn to the Hall for the Grand Opening Happy Hour on Thursday evening and three events on Friday: Morning Coffee Break, the All-Attendee Lunch, and the hour-long Closing Break. The virtual platform provides page analytics and a lead retrieval where attendees can leave their business card. And each exhibit booth qualifies for two complimentary full conference registrations so that your representatives have a chance to interact with attendees throughout the meeting—virtually and in-person!

And don’t forget your Expo Hall Mini-Theater Presentation!

Your Mini-Theater Presentation provides you with the opportunity to increase your exposure and share your message! Exhibitors and sponsors may reserve 25 minutes during unopposed Expo Hall events, when most attendees are in the Hall. This is your time – outside your booth – to educate attendees and promote your products/services. A microphone, LCD projector, and screen will be available to support your in-person presentation. Mini-Theater presentations appear in the schedule and mobile app so that attendees can add your session to their personal schedules. See sponsor prospectus for pricing.

Exhibitors receive:

  • Two free full conference registrations with each 8' x 10' booth (a $1,200 value!). Your representatives will be able to interact outside of your booth with conference attendees at education sessions and networking events throughout the meeting.

  • Representatives will have access to the Virtual Booth to make and receive meeting requests, view analytics, chat with attendees, and participate in the virtual conference. 

  • Live chat with attendees during your virtual Mini-Theater Presentation.

  • Your company listing on the conference website—as soon as your reservation is complete—with a link to your website and full contact information.

  • A company profile in the virtual platform, online schedule, and mobile app.

  • One-time use of the pre-registrants list, with contact information (a $400 value).

  • One fully piped and draped exhibit space (8-foot back wall drape and 3-foot side rail drape), one skirted 6-foot table, two side chairs, one wastebasket, and a 7” x 44” identification sign.


(Per 8’ X 10’ In Person Booth + Virtual Space)

Reserve before May 30, 2022: $1,800 / Corner Prime $2,000

Reserve on or after May 30, 2022: $2,100 / Corner Prime $2,300

Multiple Booths: 10% discount on additional booths 



Reserve before May 30, 2022: $1,500

Reserve on or after May 30, 2022: $1,800


Thursday, August 25, 2022, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Friday, August 26, 2022, 9:30 am - 6:30 pm
(Exhibit hours subject to change at the discretion of SAA.)


Terms of Contract

1. Payment of Exhibit Space — Payment must be received with application in order for your application to be processed. Exhibitors will not be given access to the Exhibit Hall until all fees are paid in full.

2. Cancellation of Space — There will be a $200 administrative fee for cancellations received in writing by July 1, 2022, and a $300 administrative fee for cancellations received in writing by August 1, 2022. No refunds are available for cancellations received in writing after August 1, 2022.


Event Cancellation Though it is SAA's strong intention to hold ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2022, should SAA cancel the in-person component of ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2022, SAA will credit 100% towards ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2023 or refund the difference of in-person and virtual only booth fees paid at the time of SAA's notification of cancellation. SAA will not refund any exhibitor's cancellation or reduction fees incurred prior to SAA's cancellation of in-person ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2022.

3. Relocation — Conference organizers reserve the right to move a booth, in consultation with the Exhibitor, if necessary.

4. Sharing Exhibit Space — No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share space allotted with another business or firm unless prior written approval has been obtained from the conference organizers. Exhibitors are not permitted to feature names or advertisements of non-exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, or agents in the Exhibitor’s display, with the exception of parent or subsidiary companies.

5. Fire Regulations — To ensure the safety of all participants, Exhibitors shall observe all state and local fire regulations. The cost for repairing any damages to the Hotel caused by the Exhibitor will be billed to the responsible Exhibitor. Nothing can be posted, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to any columns, walls, floors, ceiling, or furniture.

6. Exhibit Set Up — Display setup will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday, August 25, 2022. All displays must be fully set up and ready by 4:30 pm on Thursday. After that time, any unattended booth with crated displays will be set up at the discretion of the conference organizers and all expenses will be charged to the Exhibitor. The Exposition will open promptly at 5:30 pm on Thursday, August 25. Exhibitors will not be permitted to store packing crates or boxes in the booth or the Exhibit Hall during Exhibit hours.  When properly marked, crates and boxes will be stored and returned to the booth by the service contractors; crates and boxes that are not labeled properly may be destroyed. No trunks, cases, or packing material shall be brought into or out of the Exhibit space during Exhibit hours.


Exhibits shall not project beyond the space allotted or obstruct the view or interfere with traffic to other exhibits. Exhibits shall not be more than 8 feet tall.  The wings of an Exhibit shall not project more than 3 feet from the back wall and may not be more than 48 inches high. Merchandise, signs, decorations, or display fixtures shall not be pasted, taped, nailed, or tacked to walls. No exhibit, merchandise, or equipment shall be left in any aisle, but shall be confined to Exhibit space. No signs or advertising devices shall be displayed outside Exhibit space or projected beyond limits of Exhibit space as to interfere with any other Exhibits.


7.  Concurrent Events—Limited hospitality and ad hoc meeting space is available in the designated conference hotel. The Exhibitor agrees not to extend invitations, call meetings, or otherwise encourage absence of attendees or exhibitors from the conference or the Exhibit Hall during the official hours of the conference and exhibits. All hospitality suite functions must be registered with the conference organizers and may not conflict with any conference plenary sessions, education sessions, or general receptions. Contact the conference organizers for further information on reserving hospitality space.

8. Exhibit Tear Down — The official closing time for the exhibits is 6:30 pm on Friday, August 26, 2022. The dismantling of displays is not allowed until the official closing time. Any Exhibitor that dismantles before the official time may be subject to a $400 penalty, at the conference organizers’ discretion. Crates will be returned starting at 6:30 pm on Friday. All Exhibitor displays or materials left in booths without instructions will be packed and shipped at the discretion of the conference organizers and all charges will be assessed to the Exhibitor.

9. Decorating and Shipping — The conference organizers will provide each Exhibitor with a detailed service kit from our Exposition Service Provider. This kit will include electrical, AV, and shipping information as well as additional services available. Note that certain fees from the Hynes Convention Center will apply. The Exhibit Hall is not carpeted. (Should the Exhibitor require carpeting, it may be ordered from the decorator at an additional charge.)

10. Damages — It is agreed that the conference organizers and the host facility shall not be liable for any damage to, or destruction of, any exhibit from any cause or the theft or disappearance of any exhibit or property contained in and about the booth area. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SAA, and the host facility, or their employees or representatives, against any and all liabilities for damage, injury, or loss to all persons and any and all claims arising out of acts or omissions of exhibitors, their employees, representatives, or guests. SAA will not be held responsible or liable for charges or damages for any failure of performance due to Acts of God, labor disputes, shortage of materials, governmental authority, foreign hostilities, or other circumstances beyond reasonable control of either party.

11. Insurance Information — The conference organizers will endeavor to assist in the protection of Exhibitors by providing security at all times when the Exhibit Hall is closed. Due to the tremendous value of exhibits, however, it is impractical and impossible to insure Exhibitors’ equipment against loss, theft, damage, and breakage. Neither the exhibit building nor any of its employees or representatives, nor any representative of SAA nor any subcontractor will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to the Exhibitor, its employees, or its property. In addition, the Exhibitor should carry adequate insurance to protect from damage or injury caused by the negligence of the Exhibitor, its agent, or its employees. Show management will cooperate fully but cannot assume responsibility for damage to the Exhibitor’s property or lost shipments, either arriving or departing from the show site. If the exhibit fails to arrive, the Exhibitor will remain responsible for booth rental; refunds will not be made. Exhibitors should carry insurance against such risks.

12. Union Labor — Exhibitors must comply with union regulations applicable to installation, dismantling, and display of exhibits.

13. Observance of Laws — Exhibitors shall abide by and observe all laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances of any applicable government authority and all rules of the Exhibit Building.

14. Exhibitor Conduct — Distribution of pamphlets, brochures, or any advertising matter must be confined to the exhibit space, unless prior written permission is received from the conference organizers. Exhibitor (or its representatives) shall not conduct itself (or themselves) in a manner that is consistent with SAA’s Code of Conduct.

15. Attendee Lists — The conference organizers will make registration lists (names and email addresses) available to the Exhibitor three weeks prior to and/or four weeks after the Exposition, if requested in writing by the Exhibitor. Lists are for one-time use only and may not be retained. Exhibitor may not sell, lend, or give these lists to any parties outside Exhibitor’s organization. All requests should be directed to csalgado@archivists.org.

Advertising Opportunities

Increase your visibility at ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2022!

Now you can enhance your marketing message to attendees and prospects – before, during, and after the conference!

Advertising on the Conference Website

All eyes are on the conference website, and advertising to members and prospective attendees is a great way to reach your target audience and reinforce your marketing message. Prospective attendees review it to determine whether they’ll attend the conference – and to register. Speakers set up their profiles. Registrants return to the website again and again to see what’s been added to the program and to create their own schedules. Your ad will run on each page of the conference website and direct visitors to the landing page of your choice to expedite purchases! (Please note that your ad will rotate with other ads.)  Ads run for six months from submision date ro conference office. 


Online Ads



Advertising Placement Deadline  


NEW in 2022! Banner Ad 



728 pixels (w) x 90 pixels (h)

Ad will rotate with other ads. Limit to three ads.



Square Ad Size  

290 pixels (w) x 290 pixels (h)

Ad will rotate with other ads.



  • Color or black and white.
  • File type: jpeg.
  • File size: 100K maximum.