2005 Annual Report

Annual Report for the 2004-2005 academic year.


President: Alison Bozzi Zaya
Vice President (Fall 2004): Benjamin Johnson
Vice President (Spring 2005): Krista Ferrante
Secretary (Fall 2004): Timothy Muldoon
Secretary (Spring 2005): Helen Brady
NEA Liaison: Lloyd Williams
ARMA Liaison (Fall 2004): Nicole DeAngelo
ARMA Liaison (Spring 2005):
Jeannette Bastian, faculty advisor

The Simmons College Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SCoSAA) had another busy year. In addition to monthly meetings, the organization sponsored a panel, a speaker, and tours of two local repositories. In addition, SCoSAA President Alison Bozzi Zaya organized a group of students to volunteer at the New England Archivists’ (NEA) Spring 2005 Meeting. SCoSAA members are very involved in the Boston archival community, working in repositories, interning, and volunteering.

Fall Semester: On October 5, 2004, three local archivists participated in a Museum Archives panel. Many students have an interest in museum work, and the event was well attended. SCoSAA visited the Harvard Film Archives, a small but interesting and specialized archive on the Harvard University campus, on November 9, 2004. Mary Ide, President of NEA, spoke at the November 30 meeting about student involvement in the organization. SCoSAA members were able to give her feedback about potential programs and events involving NEA and Simmons students.

Spring Semester: On February 10, 2005, Mott Linn, a Certified Archivist and Simmons Doctoral Student presented a talk titled, “Archival Janus: A Look Back at an Archival Career to help You Look Ahead to Yours.” It was very informative for students beginning an archival career. SCoSAA sponsored a tour of the Burns Library at Boston College, which hosts a variety of special collections as well as the school’s institutional records, on March 30, 2005. As mentioned above, SCoSAA provided volunteers for the NEA Conference on April 29 and 30, 2005. Approximately 20 students contributed their time at the end of the semester to assist the NEA members. It was a positive experience for all.

In addition, SCoSAA continued the “Student Organization Records Project” which is concerned with the retention of Graduate School of Library and Information Science student organization records. Vice President Krista Ferrante contacted the student group leaders and reminded them to send their records to the Simmons College Archives.