Montana Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky, August 4, 2009 flood. Williamson, Emory; Edgmon, Brennan; Lutz, Robert Six people stand on the porch of a house on Montana Avenue smiling. Water surrounds the house as far as the eye can see. Photograph was taken in the early afternoon. My favorite photo is of us with another family on our front porch and it's particularly interesting given the circumstances. The water surrounds our house and continues to rise, but by that time, we were all exhausted and could only laugh about the situation. A few hours before that photo, Brennan, Robby and I saved the family (the three others on the porch with us) whose car had stalled because they drove into the water. We had to push their car up the street away from the water and get them safely out of the flooding car. They took shelter in our house drying up, eating lunch with us and waiting for the storm to pass. Floods--Kentucky--Louisville; Floods; Houses; Porches; Men; Women Montana Avenue (Louisville, Ky.); Taylor Berry (Louisville, Ky.); Louisville (Ky.); Jefferson County (Ky.) 2009-08-04 Digital images Original file created digitally and donated to the University Archives and Records Center by the creator. See for guidance on citing this item. To cite the digital version, add its Reference URL (found by following the link in the header above the digital file). August 2009 Flood Collection University of Louisville Archives and Records Center Born-digital JPEG image resized to 600 pixels in the longest dimension using IrfanView 4.25. Still Image image/jpeg To inquire about reproductions or permissions, contact Please cite the Image Number when ordering. ULUA WilliamsonEdgmonEtAl_5450_610198041454_38315689_35573749_1010189_n 415 2009-12-23 2013-03-26 416.jpg /flood/image/416.jpg,415