Librarian Robert Harper checking out costumes Nevis, Betty Jane photographer still image 1963-05-23 eng
black-and-white photograph
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Robert L. Harper was head librarian from the mid-60s through the mid-80s. Harper, Robert ; Heuser, Florence ; Blorp, Carolyn Ball: Mr. Robert Harper, librarian at the California College of Arts and Crafts, surprises two students planning their anual Costume Ball, set for May 23rd. Left is Florence Heuser, (Berkeley), senior, and Carolyn Blorp (Oakland) also a senior, deciding just how to best bring out the Bal Surrealiste theme of the big affair.; Surreal Ball 1960-1969 Harper, Robert L. CCA/C Archives Oakland Campus Meyer Library Director's Office: document case: digitized photos For rights relating to this resource, contact the CCA Libraries. dc8731d2-c7e0-4176-afee-ac90a7e67b62 6a087df1-59a3-445a-b332-40136f3dead4 cc9 Derived from Filemaker Pro database populated 2005-2009; records migrated to MySql database in 2009; data may have been lost in translations. eng local 64c18395-b855-4bca-a56a-39e3b9dceb6c
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