PITCH YOUR STORY! Call for Stories for “A Finding Aid to My Soul” at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019

When did you decide that you wanted to be an archivist? What was your first encounter with a particular archives? How did you handle a challenge in your work? What is a unique, moving, serendipitous, mysterious, special, or humorous experience you've had as an archivist? 

If you would like the chance to share your story, then pitch it to us! In 100 to 200 words, tell us about your story of being an archivist. (Please don't give us a cliff-hanger-summarize the whole story.) 

In "A Finding Aid to My Soul," archivists from a variety of institutions and experience levels will share 5-minute true, personal stories of their connections to archives they have encountered. The show-on Sunday, August 4, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm during ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019 at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas-is sponsored by SAA's Committee on Public Awareness and will be hosted by award-winning storyteller and educator Micaela Blei (The Moth, Risk). 

Right now we're looking for a wide range of voices to share their experiences. Absolutely no storytelling or performance experience necessary-Micaela will be available to support you as you practice your story. 

You may think that your story is not "dramatic" enough. We beg to differ! We want to hear stories with high stakes as well as small, intimate stories of the work you do and the personal ways it connects to your life. If it mattered to you, it will matter to us, too. 

Pitches are due June 25. Selected storytellers will be notified by the second week in July. Pitch it here!