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TRENDS IN ARCHIVES PRACTICE features brief, authoritative treatments that fill significant gaps in archival literature. Modules are clustered together by topic and treat discrete topics relating to the practical management of archives and manuscript collections in the digital age. Find Trends in the Archives Practice books in the SAA Bookstore

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Putting Descriptive Standards to Work
Edited with an introduction by Kris Kiesling and Christopher J. Prom

  • Module 17: Implementing DACS by Cory L. Nimer
  • Module 18: Using EAD3 by Kelcy Shepherd
  • Module 19: Introducing EAC-CPF  by Katherine M. Wisser 
  • Module 20: Sharing Archival Metadata by Aaron Rubinstein

 Regularly $29.99 (Non-members $39.95)

Appraisal and Acquisitions Strategies
Edited with an introduction by Michael J. Shallcross and Christopher J. Prom

  • Module 14: Appraising Digital Records by Geof Huth
  • Module 15: Collecting Digital Manuscripts and Archives by Megan Barnard and Gabriela Redwine 
  • Module 16: Accessioning Digital Archives by Erin Faulder

Regularly $24.99 (Non-members $34.99)

Digital Preservation Essentials 
Edited by Christopher J. Prom with an introduction by Kyle R. Rimkus

  • Module 12: Preserving Digital Objects by Erin O’Meara and Kate Stratton
  • Module 13: Digital Preservation Storage by Erin O’Meara and Kate Stratton

Regularly $24.99 (Non-members $34.99)

Teaching with Primary Sources 
Edited by Christopher J. Prom and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

  • Module 9: Contextualizing Archival Literacy by Elizabeth Yakel and Doris Malkmus
  • Module 10: Teaching with Archives: A Guide for Archivists, Librarians, and Educators by Sammie L. Morris, Tamar Chute, and Ellen Swain
  • Module 11: Connecting Students and Primary Sources: Cases and Examples by Tamar Chute, Ellen Swain, and Sammie L. Morris  

Regularly $24.99 (Non-members $34.99)

Becoming a Trusted Digital Repository 
By Steve Marks with an introduction by Bruce I. Ambacher
Edited by Michael J. Shallcross

Regularly $19.99 (Non-members $29.99)

Rights in the Digital Era 
Edited with an introduction by Menzi Behrnd-Klodt and Christopher J. Prom

  • Module 4: Understanding Copyright Law by Heather Briston
  • Module 5: Balancing Privacy and Restrictions: Personal and Family Papers by Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt
  • Module 6: Balancing Privacy and Restrictions  by Menzi L. Behrnd-Klodt  
  • Module 7: Managing Rights and Permissions by Aprille McKay

Regularly $29.99 (Non-members $39.99)

Archival Arrangement and Description 
Edited with an introduction by Christopher J. Prom and Thomas J. Frusciano

  • Module 1: Standards for Archival Description by Sibyl Schaefer and Janet M. Bunde
  • Module 2: Processing Digital Records and Manuscripts by J. Gordon Daines III
  • Module 3: Designing Descriptive and Access Systems by Daniel A. Santamaria 

Regularly $24.99 (Non-members $34.99)

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