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Looking for an internship? Ready to take the first steps in your archival career? Or would you like the opportunity to help new archivists gain hands-on experience? SAA's Internship Directory is the perfect place for students and new professionals to connect with employers as they start their archival careers. 

Best Practices for Internships as a Component of Graduate Archival Education is a set of suggested guidelines for graduate students, archival educators, and archivists serving as intern supervisors. Sections include recommendations for the nature of work, compensation, agreements, supervisor responsibilities, communication, and evaluations. 

Given the value of archives work and the skills possessed by archives graduate students, interns should receive compensation (in the form of academic credit or a stipend) for their work commensurate with the qualifications required for the position. Read more on SAA's position here

Internship Listings

Any institution/employer can post their internship opportunities for free by visiting the Career Center

SAA does not specifically endorse any listed internships.