Disaster Planning and Recovery Subcommittee

The Disaster Planning and Recovery Subcommittee of the Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) creates online resources to facilitate rapid responses to emergency situations encountered by archival repositories. The Subcommittee works with RAAC participants to provide a network of both regional and national resources that may be used to  assist in emergency preparations, response procedures, and policy discussions.  It also recommends training exercises, such as local workshops and webinars, to aid in emergency response readiness.

See our Disaster Planning and Response Resources page. 

See the Tragedy Response Initiative Task Force Resource Tool Kit

Chair:  Whitney Miller, Michigan Archival Association

Subcommittee members: 

  • Whitney Miller, Michigan Archival Association
  • Kimberley Johnson, Greater New Orleans Archivists
  • Trish Nugent, Society of Southwest Archivists