Call for Submissions to the Case Studies on Teaching with Primary Sources series

Submissions are invited for the Case Studies on Teaching With Primary Sources series sponsored by the Reference, Access, and Outreach (RAO) Section of SAA. This open-ended series of case studies is designed to illustrate the application of the Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy. To date, seventeen case studies have been published since December 2017, covering many of the objectives from the Guidelines. While submissions addressing any of the objectives are encouraged, we are particularly interested in studies that address the full scope of planning, implementation, and reflection on initiatives that teach one or more of the following objectives:

2.E. Recognize and understand the policies and procedures that affect access to primary sources, and that these differ across repositories, databases, and collections.

3.C. Understand that a primary source may exist in a variety of iterations, including excerpts, transcriptions, and translations, due to publication, copying, and other transformations.

5.B. Use primary sources in a manner that respects privacy rights and cultural contexts.

5.D. Adhere to copyright and privacy laws when incorporating primary source information in a research or creative project. 

We also particularly encourage submissions that explore remote or hybrid teaching, and from a variety of settings, including but not limited to, K-12, community groups, museums, or historical societies. 

Case studies are accepted on a rolling basis. All submissions should be prepared using the submission form available at Please send questions, inquiries, and submissions to Kayla Harris, Series Editor, at



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