Elections for Steering Committee 2019-2021

Steering Committee Candidate 

Gregory Jackson, Glencairn Museum, Nominee for Lone Arranger Steering Committee 

Thank you all very much for allowing me the opportunity to be a candidate for Steering Committee.  In my recent professional past, I have worked in archives, museums and historic sites as project archivist, museum educator, curator and historic site supervisor.  I have been the archivist for Glencairn Museum, and the Bryn Athyn Historic Landmark District of which it is a part, since 2008 and I received my archivist certification in 2010.  My SAA professional service includes a past term on the steering committee for the Lone Arrangers Roundtable, Chair of the Museum Archives Section and several years on the SAA’s Key Contact sub-committee as the contact person for Pennsylvania.  In addition, I also served several years on the Academy of Certified Archivists recertification teams, including one year as team leader.  I have authored a paper for SAA’s annual meeting in 2012 and have presented archives or leadership related programs for the annual meetings of the Small Museum Association.  Outside of my professional work and service, I have served on the board of directors for two local historical societies and in leadership positions in other community groups.  These experiences have taught me how important service is to any group.  I would be very happy to lend my time and assistance as a Steering Committee member for the Lone Arrangers Section.