Lone Arrangers Section

Welcome to the Lone Arrangers Section! This site can be used to connect to other "lone arrangers," learn more about our work, find resources, and access our reports and our newsletter, SOLO


To provide education, stimulate communication, and encourage support between archivists working in solo (or “lone arranger”) settings. This includes those working alone or in very small staff situations.



The Lone Arrangers Section grew directly out of the lone arranger’s lunches. From 1999-2002, at the national conferences, SAA sponsored and organized a lunch for lone arrangers. The premise was to give lone arrangers a chance to network. Usually lunch tables were set up by subject area, for instance "volunteers", and those at the table would talk about how to use volunteers in the lone arranger setting.

Due to the popularity of the lunches, a petition circulated at the 2002 lone arranger's lunch to ask SAA Council to allow the formation of a section. In January 2003, Council approved the creation of a Lone Arrangers Section. SAA's annual meeting in Los Angeles, 2003, saw the new Section's inaugural meeting. The Lone Arranger Section has been going strong ever since! 

By Nancy Freeman