Meeting Notes – GRS Section Meet and Greet - Sept. 11th, 10:00AM-11:00AM PST

Meeting Notes –

GRS Section Meet and Greet - Sept. 11th, 10:00AM-11:00AM PST

Hosted by Ingi House – Chair

Jessica Knox – Jensen – Chair Elect

Topics Discussed

Why we need GRS Section

A spot to voice about issues and come together, understanding we and our institutions are not the only ones doing it

A place that specifically addresses the needs and issues of government archives.

A place to talk more about what is going on and on what is working and not working. Sharing in the community to build a community.

How to Make GRS Better

Get ideas on involvement without spending money.

Post more ideas on the good and bad in government archives.   

Ideas to Get More Involved

Perhaps do webinars on specific topics.

More phone meetings.

Records Management

Records Management bring in archives in or to use as reference on how to organize information.

Serving as the middle man and getting agencies really think about what needs to be preserved and why. 

Using one on one communication with the agencies in order to figure out what records really need to be preserved.

Washington State Archives and Records Management – Example of good government records retention schedule - Based off of Australian Archives -

The Australian Archives have also recently visited the U.S. National Archives to share ideas and methods. 

Person to person onsite visits make agencies more likely to turn over information – need to develop those relationships.

Information Technology (I.T.)    

Using Information Technology skills to help with Records Management.

 Use of Preservica in order to manage records.

Working with I.T. departments in order to manage digital records. How much will archivist and records managers need to learn about how to do I.T. work in the future in order to keep up with emerging trends?

Money Matters

Getting involved without spending money. What classes can we take for free or other activities? 

Government agencies don’t have a lot of money so we need to learn how to do things cheaply. Ideas?

How to fill jobs with people with the right skills? How much do we need I.T. skills? History degrees? How do we reach out and get the right people? In addition, how to attract people to your area. No one wants to live in Alabama and the cost of living is too high in San Francisco.  

Other Matters

The size of our collections – very large; having to manage a lot of information with little time, money and staff. 

Budget and Traveling when we don’t have much money – webinars useful as well as sending information out via email.

Next Phone Meeting  

To Be Determined

Any suggestions? Does 10am Pacific work? Once a month? Bi-monthly? 

Post your thoughts to the group!