Resources Maintained by the EAS Section

This page contains links to resources such as tools, information, and other material maintained or hosted by the EAS Section. While we maintain some of this information, we cannot provide support for tools contributed by others. To have a tool or resource hosted by the Section, please contact the Section Leadership.

EAD Bibliography

The EAD Bibliography attempts to be a comprehensive list of published works on Encoded Archival Description and its use. The bibliography was generated largely from the Library Literature (WilsonWeb) and Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts (LISTA – EBSCOhost) databases. It does not include EAD technical documentation or web pages. The bibliography is maintained as a public group bibliography using the open source Zotero citation management software. 

EAD Starter Kit, Example Files, and Stylesheets

The EAS Section maintains a GitHub repository containing an EAD starter kit, example EAD specimens and files that can be used for testing and pedagogical purposes, and various stylesheets for transforming or converting EAD. Information on using Github can be found on the site's extensive help pages.

EAD Cookbook

This package, originially maintained by Michael Fox, provides encoding guidelines, stylesheets, and software tools to work with EAD. Versions of the cookbook for both EAD 1.0 and EAD 2002 are available. NOTE: The EAS Section cannot provide support for this package. The EAD Cookhub is available in a GitHub repository. Information on using Github can be found on the site's extensive help pages.