Acquisitions and Appraisal Section Newsletter, Summer 2011


I. Section Business

II. News From Members

III. Other News

IV. Upcoming Events

V. Recently Published



I. Section Business


The Deaccessioning and Reappraisal Development and Review Team (DR-DRT) invites you to review and comment on the draft, Guidelines for Reappraisal and Deaccessioning ( This document addresses general issues and procedures for reappraising and deaccessioning collections and record groups.

Please email all comments to or post comments directly to the DR-DRT webpage (, you must be logged in to post comments). The deadline to receive comments is September 16, 2011.Updated 9/12/2011: This deadline has been extended to October 16, 2011.

Also, please join us at the SAA Annual Meeting for an open forum to discuss the Guidelines for Reappraisal and Deaccessioning, Friday, August 25, 12:00-1:15.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


The Abandoned Property Project team worked hard this summer to update the table of abandoned property regulations for each of the 50 states and the district of Columbia. Please see the revised table here:

The project team will report on this project at the Acquisitions and Appraisal Section Meeting. Please join us.


Thank you to all who participated in our section survey. We had over 70 respondents, 16 of whom opted to participate in the raffle. We will be raffling off two books at the section meeting, so each participant has a good chance of winning!

You can see the results of the survey here:

Please join us at the section meeting where Jennifer Graham will present the results and what the section has learned about the characteristics of our section’s membership, the challenges they face, and what they would like to see in terms of future programs. Come prepared to discuss the results and provide your own input.


Our section will meet at SAA’s annual meeting on Friday, August 26, 2011. We will be meeting at the conference hotel in Columbus room C/D from 3:30 – 5:30.

This has been a busy year for the section and we have lots to discuss: the Guidelines for Reappraisal and Deaccessioning, the Abandoned Property Law project, section elections, section-sponsored SAA sessions, the A&A membership survey, and the drawing for survey participants. Come learn and share your feedback.

The meeting agenda is available here:

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II. News From Members


None at this time.

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III. Other News



August 23, 2011. Chicago, IL.

A free workshop discussing born-digital material in collecting repositories. Collection development, accessioning, and appraisal will be discussed along with other issues. See the workshop description here:


SAA has just launched the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate Program. It is designed to be either an entire certificate program, or you can take individual continuing education courses.

Section members may find the following courses of interest:

    Accessioning and Ingest
    Inreach and Outreach for Digital Archives
    Developing Specifications and RFPs for Recordkeeping Systems
    Appraisal of Electronic Records

Learn more here:

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IV. Upcoming Events


The 2011 meeting hasn’t even happened yet, but we need you to begin thinking about proposals for next year now! SAA’s 2012 annual meeting has a theme of “Beyond Borders” and will be meeting in San Diego, CA. From the call for proposals:

Thinking “Beyond Borders” enables us to envision new opportunities beyond our institutions and specializations, to expand our perceptions of history, culture, memory, and recordkeeping to arrive at a more inclusive and holistic view of the great work of archives. In 2012 we have the opportunity to free ourselves from the imaginary borders of our past and leverage the opportunity, knowledge, and experience that lies beyond.

See the full call for proposals here:

The A&A section can endorse no more than two sessions, so we will have a difficult decision ahead of us. Please come to the section meeting and share your idea for a session if you think you would like to propose one for next year.

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V. Recently Published


Lee, Cal, ed. , Digital: Personal Collections in the Digital Era. Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2011.

This edited volume features contributions from Robert Capra, Adrian Cunningham, Tom Hyry, Leslie Johnston, Christopher (Cal) Lee, Sue McKemmish, Cathy Marshall, Rachel Onuf, Kristina Spurgin, and Susan Thomas. Part 2 discusses appraisal and collection in relation to personal materials and traces.

Robyns, Marcus S. and Jason Woolman. “Institutional Functional Analysis at Northern Michigan University: A New Process of Appraisal and Arrangement of Archival Records.” American Archivist 74, no. 1 (Spring/Summer 2011): 241-256.

Brief Abstract: This paper is a case study of how the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives reconfigured its process of appraisal and arrangement of archival records. The archives adapted elements of Helen Samuels's concept of institutional functional analysis and Terry Cook's macroappraisal into a model tailored for use in university and college archives with limited financial and human resources. Full abstract available here:

Midwest Archives Conference 2011 Annual Meeting, St. Paul, MN

There were several presentations on acquisition and/or appraisal at this year’s meeting. The following presentations are available online.

Christy, Shari. “With an Eye on the Prize – The Struggles of a Loan Arranger With Acquisition & Appraisal.”



McKinley, Lonna. “ABCs of Appraisal and Acquisition.”


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