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Timeline Event New York University Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:00pm
Timeline Event Vice President Brenda Banks vonru22605 04/21/2011 - 11:57am
Timeline Event Encoded Archival Description tag library, version 1.0 bhouston 07/29/2011 - 2:39pm
Timeline Event 7th Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:28pm
Timeline Event North Carolina State University Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:01pm
Timeline Event Vice President Nicholas C. Burckel vonru22605 04/21/2011 - 11:59am
Timeline Event Diplomatics: New Uses for Old Science bhouston 07/29/2011 - 2:42pm
Timeline Event 6th Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:30pm
Timeline Event Pratt Institute Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:02pm
Timeline Event Research and the Manuscript Tradition bhouston 07/29/2011 - 2:47pm
Timeline Event 5th Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:31pm
Timeline Event Queens College, The City University of New York Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:03pm
Timeline Event Vice President William J. Maher vonru22605 04/21/2011 - 12:16pm
Timeline Event Records of American Businesses bhouston 07/29/2011 - 2:52pm
Timeline Event 4th Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:32pm
Timeline Event San José State University Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:04pm
Timeline Event Vice President Luciana Duranti vonru22605 04/21/2011 - 12:17pm
Timeline Event Advocating archives : an introduction to public relations for archivists bhouston 07/29/2011 - 2:58pm
Timeline Event 3rd Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:34pm
Timeline Event University at Albany, State University of New York Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:07pm
Timeline Event Managing Archival and Manuscript Repositories bhouston 07/29/2011 - 3:02pm
Timeline Event 2nd Annual Meeting vonru22605 03/17/2011 - 3:35pm
Timeline Event University of Arizona Student Chapter vonru22605 04/05/2011 - 4:08pm
Timeline Event Vice President H. Thomas Hickerson vonru22605 04/21/2011 - 12:19pm
Timeline Event Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts : A Cataloging Manual For Archival Repositories, Historical Societies, and Manuscript Libraries bhouston 07/29/2011 - 3:10pm