Task Force to Revise Best Practices on Accessibility

I.  Purpose

The Task Force to Revise Best Practices for Working with Archives Employees and Archives Researchers with Physical Disabilities is responsible for reviewing both of the current Best Practices documents and exploring expansion of the Best Practices to include neuro-disability, temporary physical disabilities, and any other topics that should be considered within the scope of the document.

II. Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Task Force is charged for a 12-month period that begins in November 2017 and continues through the Council’s November 2018 meeting. The Task Force will comprise six SAA members, one of whom will serve as chair. The Task Force members will be appointed by the current President and a Council member will be appointed as a liaison/ex-officio member.

III. Reporting Procedures

Update reports will be provided to the SAA Council at its May and August 2018 meetings, with a final report due in November 2018.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

To fulfill its purpose as described above, the Task Force is specifically charged to:

  • Share draft Best Practices with selected individuals for comment and review;
  • Share draft Best Practices with appropriate Sections, such as Archives Management and Records Management; and
  • Seek member comment on a draft and revise accordingly prior to submitting a final draft to the Council.

V.  Meetings

The Task Force will carry out its charge primarily via electronic mail, conference calls, online meetings, and face-to-face meetings held in conjunction with the SAA Annual Meeting.


Approved by the SAA Council, November 2017.