Schema Development Team (Development and Review Team) (SDT-DRT)

I. Purpose

The Schema Development Team (SDT) of the SAA Standards Committee is responsible for development and editing of all Extensible Markup Language (XML) schemas, Document Type Definitions (DTD), and related technical documents maintained by SAA and its subgroups. These include the schemas and/or DTDs that express Encoded Archival Description (EAD), Encoded Archival Context – Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF), and any other markup standards developed by the Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Description and the Technical Subcommittee on EAC-CPF.

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Schema Development Team shall be charged for one year, beginning February 2010, and continuing through the 2011 SAA annual meeting. If the Technical Subcommittee for EAD, the TS-EAC-CPF, or another SAA subgroup continues to be engaged in the active development or revision of XML encoding standards, the Schema Development Team shall be recharged annually on the occasion of the SAA annual meeting. If no SAA subgroup is actively engaged with the development or revision of an XML encoding standard, the Schema Development Team may be discharged.

The Schema Development Team shall have from three to five members, including a chair, to be recommended by the Standards Committee for appointment by the Vice President. The chair shall be a member of SAA, but the Schema Development Team should include international members. The number of members shall vary depending on the SDT's workload. If additional members are deemed necessary, the chair shall make a recommendation to the Standards Committee. The members and chair may be reappointed to the Schema Development Team for consecutive terms, but at least one new member must be appointed every five years. All members shall demonstrate experience with the design and syntax of schemas and/or DTDs.

Ex officio members shall include the following:

  • Chair of the Standards Committee (or an appointed representative);
  • Chair(s) of the Technical Subcommittee for EAD;
  • Chair(s) of the TS-EAC-CPF;
  • Chair of any future SAA group responsible for XML schemas and/or DTDs.

III. Reporting Procedures

The chair of the Schema Development Team shall report at least annually to the chairs of the SAA Standards Committee, the TS-EAD, and the TS-EAC-CPF on the occasion of the SAA annual meeting. If extramural funding is obtained by SAA, the chair shall provide all necessary narrative reports to the SAA office in order that the reporting requirements of SAA and the funding source are met.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

To fulfill its mission as described above, the Schema Development Team is specifically charged to:

  • Carry out, under the direction of the Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Description (TS-EAD) and the TS-EAC-CPF, the maintenance and ongoing development of their respective standards, in accordance with the schedules laid out by their charges and SAA's Procedures for Review and Approval of an SAA-Developed Standard.*

* All revisions to technical standards must have the approval of the appropriate maintaining body.

VI. Meetings


The Schema Development Team shall carry out its charge primarily via electronic mail, regular mail, and conference calls. It shall meet with the Technical Subcommittee for EAD and the TS-EAC-CPF at the SAA annual meeting and as necessary with funding from SAA or from extramural sources (with prior approval by the SAA Council).


Approved by the SAA Council: February 2010

Governance Manual