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n. ~ 1. An exchange between two or more entities (individuals or agencies). - 2. The commercial exchange (sale and purchase) of goods. - 3. Diplomatics · An act or several interconnected acts in which more than one person is involved and by which the relations of those persons are altered. - 4. Computing · Data and operations related to a specific task that must be processed completely or rejected.

- transactions, pl. n. ~ 5. A record of business conducted at a meeting, especially the published papers of a conference; proceedings.

(D Levy 2001, p. 15) Although we can't tell just by looking at it, this receipt was probably produced using a digital cash register, a computer incorporating a printer and a cash drawer. If so, a digital record of my tuna-fish-chips-and-water transaction2 was being created as the sales clerk punched the cash register keys; and from this the paper version we see before us was printed.
(Duranti 1998, p. 169) To have a transaction3 it is not sufficient to have a communication, but it is necessary that such a communication creates, modifies, maintains, or extinguishes a relationship with other persons.