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n. ~ 1. A word or phrase indicating profession, office, social rank, or other distinction. - 2. The rights and privileges to control and dispose of property. - 3. Legal evidence of ownership; a deed. - 4. A word or phrase that identifies a work. - 5. Cataloging · The word or phrase, taken from a prescribed source, by which a work is known. - 6. Law · A portion of a body of statutes or code.


Examples of title1 include Dr., chief financial officer, and king. - A title2 is the right of ownership, as distinguished from a deed, which is an instrument that serves as evidence of that right. - While title3 is often used synonymously with deed, deed is generally used only in the narrower sense of the instrument. - In its fullest sense, title5 includes both the title proper, as well as subtitles and other title information, but it generally does not include information about responsibility, edition, or imprint.