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State Historical Records Advisory Board

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n. (SHRAB, abbr.) ~ A central advisory board within each state for historical records planning and for projects funded by the National Historical Records and Publications Commission.

(Burke 2000, p. 37) The [SHRAB] serves as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation among historical records repositories and other information agencies within the state and as a state-level review body for grant proposals as defined in the Commission's guidelines. Specifically, the board may perform such duties as sponsoring and publishing surveys of the conditions and needs of historical records in the State; soliciting or developing proposals for projects to be carried out in the State with NHPRC grants; reviewing proposals by institutions in the State and making recommendations about these to the Commission; developing, revising, and submitting to the Commission State priorities for historical records projects . . . ; promoting an understanding of the role and value of historical records; acting in an advisory capacity to the state archives and other statewide archival or records agencies; and reviewing, through reports and otherwise, the operation and progress of projects in the State financed by NHPRC grants. [Citing 36 CFR §1206.38(a–b).]