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Rules for Archival Description

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n. (RAD, abbr.) ~ A standard for the description of archival fonds.


Prepared under the direction of the Planning Committee on Descriptive Standards, a committee of the Bureau of Canadian Archivists, representing L'Association des archivistes du Québec, the Association of Canadian Archivists. Published by Bureau of Canadian Archivists, 1990.

(RAD 1990, p. xv) RAD provides archivists with a set of rules which 'aim to provide a consistent and common foundation for the description of archival material within a fonds, based on traditional archival principles.' [citing Rule 0.1] ¶ It is essential, therefore, that archivists using these rules in their descriptive work remember that they are an extension of AACR2R to cover materials in archives that are part of a fonds. In some cases RAD modified or augments an AACR2R rule; in other cases the rules are equivalent to AACR2.