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Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records

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(also UBC Project), n. (PIER, abbr.) ~ A research project at the University of British Columbia designed to identify and define the requirements for creating, handling, and preserving reliable and authentic electronic records.


The project was done, in part, in collaboration with the United State Department of Defense.

(Duranti, Eastwood, and MacNeil, The objectives of the research project are: to establish what a record is in principle and how it can be recognised in an electronic environment; to determine what kind of electronic systems generate records; to formulate criteria that allow for the appropriate segregation of records from all other types of information in electronic systems generating and/or storing a variety of data aggregations; to define the conceptual requirements for guaranteeing the reliability and authenticity of records in electronic systems; to assess those methods against different administrative, juridical, cultural and disciplinary points of view.