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noncustodial records


n. ~ Archival records, usually in electronic format, that are held by the agency of origin, rather than being transferred to the archives.


A noncustodial agreement may be made between an archives and the office of origin if the records require special software or hardware to read the records.

(Personal communication, Terry Cook, posting on Aus-Archivists, 19 November 1996.) To Australians, it is important to note that the National Archives of Canada has not adopted a non-custodial or distributed custody approach in toto, but neither has it rejected such an approach. . . . While the normal practice of the NA is to acquire electronic records into our custody, some specified categories of electronic records will be 'left out' under the control of their creators, and indeed perhaps left there for a very long time. Ultimately, however, if the agency goes defunct, or no longer operates the system, or maintains records in it for any sort of operational use, the NA would assume custody.