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National Television Systems Committee

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n. (NTSC, abbr.) ~ An organization created in 1953 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to establish a standard for video broadcasts in the United States.


The analog NTSC standard is being replaced by the digital HDTV standard.

(NTSC) NTSC video is transmitted in an analog format using a 4-by-3 nearly square aspect ratio and providing 525 horizontal lines of maximum resolution (although only DVD comes close to using all the lines). . . . NTSC video is an interlaced format that creates two separate fields, one every sixtieth of a second, and combines them to form one complete video frame thirty times per second. The horizontal scan rate of NTSC video is 15,750 Hz (it draws 15,750 horizontal lines each second). Each field (one half of a frame) consists of all the odd lines or all the even lines in an image. The even and odd lines essentially blend together to form complete images.