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eliminate legal-size files

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n. (ELF, abbr.) ~ Records management · An initiative of ARMA to promote the use of letter sized paper instead of legal size paper in order to minimize costs associated with creating and filing the larger documents.


Sometimes end legal-sized files, folders, or forms.

(BC Ministry of Forests 1997) The goal of government-wide ELF program is to reduce administrative costs by eliminating legal-size paper in favor of letter-size paper. Letter-size records: reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase file supplies and equipment to accommodate multiple paper sizes; reduce inefficiencies associated with files containing multi-size documents (e.g., it is often difficult to find letter-size records inter-filed with legal-size records); reduce accommodation costs by reducing the amount of floor space required to store records; reduce paper consumption; reduce mailing costs (letter-size paper is 21% smaller and 24% lighter than legal-size paper) between different systems.