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n. ~ Variations within a group resulting from differences among members of that group.


The diversity of a group is often assessed in reference to another, larger population. As examples, Does an elected body reflect the population it represents? or Does the student body of a school reflect the larger community? Differences in patterns of diversity between a group and a larger population may reflect prejudice, bias, or some other factor. Many organizations have diversity efforts to ensure that underrepresented classes feel welcome and to increase membership of those classes, so that the organization more accurately reflects the larger population.

(SAA 1999) The Society of American Archivists is committed to integrating diversity concerns and perspectives into all aspects of its activities and into the fabric of the profession as a whole. SAA is also committed to the goal of a Society membership that reflects the broad diversity of American society. SAA believes that these commitments are essential to the effective pursuit of the archival mission "to ensure the identification, preservation, and use of the nation's historical record."