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n. (digitize, v.; digitized, adj.) ~ The process of transforming analog material into binary electronic (digital) form, especially for storage and use in a computer.


'Digitized' is used to distinguish materials that have been transformed from the media in which they were created from materials that are born digital. Digitization is distinguished from 'data entry', which is the process of typing textual records, often in forms designed to facilitate the process, into a computer system.

Digitization may start with information that is in electronic or physical form; for example, magnetic audio tape or phonograph discs. Digitization of textual documents typically produces an image of the words, which must be transformed to character data through a process of optical character recognition (OCR). In some instances, the OCR process may preserve text and page formatting.

Digitalization is sometimes used as a synonym for digitization, however the term properly refers to the administration of the medicine digitalis.